Our services

Some examples of our services

We are authorized to clear your animals on arrival at all French international airports:

  • Nice,
  • Marseille,
  • Toulouse,
  • Lyon,
  • Paris CDG.

On their arrival, we can, if you wish, deliver your animal to residence wherever it is.

Same for departure , we will collect your pet from home to present it in time for the plane departure

We can also take care of the final veterinary preparations before departure.

Our drivers can also help you to move your animals.

Our rates are based on kilometres, return, diesel and toll, not on the amount of animals in our vans.

It is very rare that we mix pets that are not from the same owner

We assist you in preparing the administrative formalities specific to each country.

Among our services, we can advise you on the cage choice of your approved animal IATA

An overview of the general rules

For USA : chip, valid rabies vaccination, health certificate, broker at arrival , if needed

For Canada : Montreal, Vancouver same rules.

For Dubai and other Arab countries, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar : Import permit ; serology, 48h last health certificate with internal and external parasite treatment, stamp of the department official vet ; no quarantine

For Australia, Melbourne : 6 months tests before flying to booked qurantine.

For New Zealand, Auckland : import permit and quarantine.

For China, Shanghai, Beijing : we get in touch with ourl ocal partners.

Hong Kong, Singapore, New Caledonia : still have other rules that we will tell you.

For Madagascar and Reunion : no special rules.

Main destinations

Principales destinations

For each country we indicate the rules to follow.

The documents required for export may change, especially now with NACs (New Pets) which are not accepted in all countries.

We organize with our collegues across the Atlantic correspond like those necessary to go to the Fiji Islands.

Feel free to contact us for the necessary information on your country of destination.

Nos services

Hello. For the international transport of your pets, do not hesitate to ask for a quote.