How do we work for the international transport of your pets.

For international transport, animals are our only concern.

Thanks to all our knowledge and approvals we can compensate for any unforeseen event:
A plane does not take off on time?

We take care of your animal (pension).

A document is missing?

We help you get it.

An animal has a treatment, insulin shot, renal or cardiac treatment?

We can act.

A failure of your animal?

We can quickly detect what to do in case of physical distress of your pet.

Do you have a lot of questions about your pet's trip?

Our love and knowledge of pets goes along all the way until arrival of your pet.

You will not communicate your stress to your baby?

We will help you there.

Airlines can't take the time to sort out the details?

We are their intermediary with you, because we are at your service, and that of your animal, aware of any problems.

How are any transits going?

We are in contact with all animal sections all over the world during transits.

Do you have contacts?

We can reach by phone all air cargo managers of all airlines transporting pets.

Are you afraid of being alone?

From departure to arrival we are here for you and your pets.

Unlike our colleagues, we do not transport WE ONLY TRANSPORT PETS..

Our partners

Validation Close collaboration with Air France, KLM et Martinair
Validation Constant contact with KLM
Validation Referenced on the site United Airlines USA
Validation Recommended by AQIS , quarantine section and PETFLYERS , Australia
Validation French agent for WORLDCAREPETS international company based in USA, South America, India, UK and Hong Kong
Validation Working close with PETAIR UK and PETRELOCATION Singapoor

How we work transporting animals to the UK.


Aware of the difficulties to enter the Uk we have installed a shuttle ( pet taxi) from Paris to the UK.

You can arrive in Paris with your pet in cabin or as excess baggage , we collect you from the plane, help you with the vet docs and drive you, your pets , your baggage to residence in the UK using the Eurotunnel.

Price according to number of people and animals. For more information you can contact us.

Hello. For the international transport of your pets, do not hesitate to ask for a quote.